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Many companies choose to outsource certain tasks that are characterized by a (recurring) pattern and that can be performed by a third party. The choice not to perform an activity internally is often taken from the ‘helicopter insight’. Cost savings and insight into costs are the most used terms to transfer the execution of tasks through outsourcing to a specialist company.

Possible reasons to choose an outsource solution:

  • Cost savings
  • More efficient policies
  • Timely updates regarding reporting tools
  • Lead time reduction
  • Focus on core business

The following projects are in the form of a (temporary) outsourcing project in 2022 very attractive:

  • Cloud solutions and Remote
  • Implementing reporting tools such as Power BI
  • Digital transformation
  • Reducing backlogs and bureaucracy
  • Lead time improvement

DVN Management B.V. contributes to the transformation and can support you in this.